This site is all about real people who want real life partners to make a real life together.

To find your match add your profile and photo/s.

Without a profile and photo you can´t search for or contact your match.

(Registrations without pictures will be deleted. )

How do I add my profile and photo/s to make me interesting?

Register and you will find yourself at the Members  Edit Profile page. Fill in the General, Profile Questions and then choose the photo/s you like to upload and press Update.

After uploading my profile/picture how do I get in contact with my match?

After adding you profile and photo/s your status will change (often within 24 h) and you will then get access to the Email and chat funktion.

On the members page you search for your match, click on their picture and then click on the icon for add to friends/-favorites/send message or send a wink.

Members click at the bottom right blue chat funktion if you want to start a chat. 

If you like the big chat window click on CHAT.

This site is free register an become a member.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our life’s let’s make it beautiful together.